Your CV & LinkedIn profile need to speak for you!​


What are yours saying about you?

Your CV needs to stand out from the crowd (and so does your LinkedIn profile for that matter!) And if your CV isn't selling you then it's not doing its job. 


A CV is a very personal thing and criticism of one's CV often needs to be done with great sensitivity. I have seen a lot of professionals hold on to a CV that is not working for them, because they have an emotional attachment to how they have represented themselves.


But when you have sent your CV to numerous companies and you are just not getting any interest, it's demoralising and you start to wonder what is going on. 


If you are anything like me, when you are writing about yourself, your mind goes blank and you can't think of anything interesting to say about yourself, and quite frankly it feels a bit like bragging?  

But it is so much easier to advocate for someone else!


So, what I do, is help you tell your story.


I ask you questions to get to the truth of who you are and what you can contribute and I help you articulate your value, your achievements, your strengths and your objectives in your CV and your LinkedIn profile.

Here's how I can help you!

CV and LinkedIn audit & coaching session

You are unsure about how your CV and LinkedIn profile are perceived by others and whether they are working for you. You want an unbiased perspective, but want to make any changes yourself.


I get it!


This package combines the benefit of a coaching session, a review of your documentation and a DIY approach to updating your CV and LinkedIn profile.


Send me your CV and your LinkedIn URL and I will:


do a thorough review


make recommendations on content, layout and tone


provide you with a guideline for CV layout.


coach you online (via Zoom) through a  series of questions to help you think through your strengths, skills, achievements and what you can contribute to your new employers' organisation, and teach you a bit about what happens to your CV once you press "send". 



R2750 ex VAT

CV or LinkedIn writing 

You have been updating your CV or LinkedIn profile and your mind goes blank and you can't think of anything interesting to say about yourself. Quite frankly it feels a bit like bragging.


This is when I become your asset.



I develop a bespoke CV or LinkedIn profile for you - no cut and paste just lots of value-add.


This package includes:


60 - 90 mins coaching to map out your career, highlight your skills, achievements, career objectives etc


an in-depth review of your existing CV or LinkedIn profile


two drafts of your CV or LinkedIn profile for discussion and clarification


a final CV or LinkedIn profile structured to be suitable for applicant tracking systems.



From R4750 ex VAT (depending on years of work experience and level of responsibility)

The complete package

A CV is only part of the puzzle - these days your online social media presence has a substantial influence on your job-prospects and personal brand.


This option is CV writing +++



I develop a bespoke CV and LinkedIn profile for you - no cut and paste just lots of value-add and I audit your social media profiles for personal brand impact


This package includes:


as per CV writing package


an in-depth review of your LinkedIn profile and engagement activities


updates to your LinkedIn profile based on your new CV


strategies to make your LinkedIn profile work for you. 


From R5950 ex VAT (depending on years of work experience and level of responsibility)

Soraya, Commercial and Contracts Specialist

I have been looking for a job the last 5 months. Just been offered one and not because of my CV (30 yrs experience is a lot to detail - so I don't). But because of my LinkedIn profile as I chose projects to detail under my experience as opposed to individual positions 

Thank you so much for having the workshop and encouraging me to sort out my profile.

Nkimo, Geologist in Training

I met Briony at a talk that was intended to coach students on how to prepare for industry and how to make a CV that will catch the eye of the recruiters and technical personnel.

My CV was not as good but after the talk I took it upon myself to improve it and followed her advice on which companies to approach given my area of expertise.

She was very insightful and even offered to proof read my CV. I am happy because I can say that she has played a huge role in helping me become an intern at an amazing place filled with lots of possibilities and challenges. I thank her so much for everything.

Regina, Business Owner

In a few short hours with Briony, I learnt more about LinkedIn than I’d learned in the past 10 years – better than ‘LinkedIn Learning’ or Google/Youtube “How to ….blah blah ….LinkedIn”.

Worth the investment of my precious time and money.

I admit I was struggling to understand all the components of LinkedIn and what it could do for me, my eyes have been opened and Briony not only gave me a great strategy to take forward but also clarified where LinkedIn could assist my career and company development in the future. Its certainly worth the investment of my time over the longer term. I’ll be back, thank-you.

Do you struggle to use LinkedIn optimally?


LinkedIn has got to be one of my favourite social media platforms since I realised it's potential for networking.


Wanting to showcase your expertise?


LinkedIn should definitely be part of any strategy to position yourself as an expert in your field!


Wanting to connect with your industry peers?

Or network completely outside of your industry...? LinkedIn gives you massive global reach.


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