Now more than ever during COVID-19, we need to stay home, stay safe and stay connected. 

If you are anything like me, then self-isolation for 21 days feels somewhat terrifying. So I am creating an online space for networking, coaching, conversations and anything else we can do online that is constructive to get through this Covid-19 chapter that we are currently writing.


Join me at 8am every weekday morning from Thursday 26 March and use this session as a way to bring some structure, routine and community spirit to the beginning of your day.


It's free.


Join as many or as few sessions as you want.

Sessions will be on Zoom - all you need is a computer or mobile, the Zoom link (which you will get when you register) and a semi-decent internet connection.


Hope to see you soon.


Warm regards


COVID-19 resources

There is so much fake news flying around about Covid-19 - please only trust reputable websites and information sources. Below are links to websites and sources that are trustworthy.

South African Department of Health:

World Health Organisation:

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre: