Thinking Preference Assessments

Improve your communication, management and leadership capabilities by understanding your thinking preferences and learning to activate your whole brain using the Neethling Brain

Instruments  (NBI®)

In every role in your life, you are a salesperson trying to get someone else to "buy in" to your idea:


  • as a parent
  • as a colleague

  • as a partner

  • as a boss

  • as an entrepreneur


Your thinking preferences closely influence your behaviours - the way you communicate, the way you negotiate, the way you manage, lead and relate to others.


When you have that experience of not being heard, of being unseen and feeling ineffective, sometimes it can be attributed to your behaviours.

When you understand how your behaviours contribute to disconnecting you from your audience, it becomes possible to choose different behaviours to achieve connection.
It becomes possible to choose to communicate in a way that speaks to the thinking preferences, or the "language" of your listener.​

Whole brain thinking enables you to speak the language of your listener and make a connection. If you want to connect and be understood, you have to be willing to visit other areas of your brain!

In the right context and with the right tools anyone can excel.

The (NBI®) thinking preference assessments, coupled with coaching, help you to:


  • identify your preferred way of thinking

  • access your whole brain

  • give you clues to other peoples thinking preferences

  • make a choice to access your whole brain for better communication, better connection, better leadership and better management

  • bring whole brain skills to bear when situationally relevant

  • consider how you may be perceived or experienced by people that are different to you

  • look at the world from the perspective of others

  • connect through the language of the other​