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Position your expertise in your network

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We used to say it’s “not what you know, but who you know”. These days the emphasis is becoming more and more about who knows you.


How are you serving your network and positioning yourself as the expert that they need to know?

If your answer is "I'm not" or "I'm not sure how", then you need to invest (for less than US$50) in Briony's online, on demand course teaching you how to leverage LinkedIn and position your expertise in your network. 

Practical tried and tested approach

This course is as practical as it gets - Briony has developed it based on the methods she has used to build her positioning on LinkedIn - she now gets at least 60% of her clients through her activity on LinkedIn

Bite size video content

There is at least 1 hr of video content - but it's broken up into short bite-size videos that you can access and take action on in your own time.

Clear 3-part process to positioning your expertise

In this course Briony unpacks her concept of LinkedIn as a 24/7/365 online conference and step by step takes you through how to leverage each of the three parts of the "conference". 

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Position yor expertise with my online course

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Book a complimentary discovery session to explore how I can help you
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