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Updated: Sep 14, 2019


A few weeks ago on LinkedIn I saw a request for advice for graduates on how to prepare a CV that a recruiter/employer will take notice of. I commented on the post and since then have been inundated by graduates requesting advice on their CVs. Some CVs were one page long. Other CVs were 6 pages long, with attached certificates and transcriptions bringing these up to 15 to 20 pages.

But what I have seen in common across pretty much all CVs recently, is that graduates are not being given sufficient guidance and training on how to prepare a CV that will be noticed.

So over the next five days I am posting 5 blogs with #CVtipsforGraduates.

Tip #1: You have a short period of time to make a good first impression in your CV

The world of work is highly competitive, and depending on the degree you are graduating with, and the industry you are searching in, you may be entering a pool of well over several thousand graduates applying for the same few jobs.

Recruiters are busy people with 100s of CVs to look at each day - so they are looking for visually appealing CVs, that say the most important things in the first page or two. They also want you to make their life easy by helping them to understand who you are, what distinguishes you from other people, what makes you the best candidate and importantly - what kind of job/opportunity are you looking for.

6 seconds or 6 minutes - it's not a lot of time!

There is a statistic that floats around the internet that says recruiters spend about 6 seconds looking at each CV. 6 Seconds? What can you achieve in 6 seconds?

I take all statistics with a very large pinch of salt and whether it's 6 seconds or 6 minutes, recruiters are very busy people and when they have a pile of CVs to review for only one or two available positions, they are more than likely only going to scan for the most important information and most visually appealing CVs - because even 6 minutes on 100 CVs is 600 minutes - that's 10 hours of work just to do the first sift through CVs.

So how do you make sure that the recruiter notices your CV?

Put the most important information on page 1. The less time someone has to spend looking for critical information, the more favourable they are going to be towards reading the rest of your CV.

So what is the important stuff? That will come in tomorrow's blog post!

In the meantime feel free to read a previous blog of mine on general CV tips.

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